? Innotech Systems Inc.

Innotech Systems Inc. is the premiere supplier of standard and custom remote control products, IR remote control databases and libraries, voice interactive consumer products, and engineering services. We have earned recognition as a leader in wireless control technology.

Voice Interactive Consumer Products

Accemda Voice Control for iPodAccenda Kelvin Talking ThermostatAccenda Sunshine Alarm ClockSurfBoard

Custom Remote Controls

Remote Control IR Database and Library

If you are building your own control system, ISI will license its Infrared control library to you. The ISI library includes codes for over 10,000 TV, VCR, satellite, audio, DVR, DVD, and cable box models. The library is constantly enhanced as new consumer electronic products are brought to market. Your licensing of the library includes a customized interface module.

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Engineering Services

Tell us what you need or send us your specification. We have over two decades of engineering experience designing IR and RF remote controls and control circuits, customer specific databases and IR libraries, remote control functions integrated into ASICs, speech recognition and synthesis, and anything else your project would need. Call us today to find out how we can help make your project a success.

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